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Peter DeCaprio’s Guide to Affordable Marketing

Peter DeCaprio’s Guide to Affordable Marketing

Now more than ever, we see millennials abandoning the life of 9-5 traditional corporate slavery and choosing to become their own bosses. Indeed through entrepreneurial leadership comes massive creative control and flexibility. However, with the rapid rise of small businesses in the industry, competition has also doubled. No matter which market you choose to step into, there is a myriad of already established brands doing exceptionally well. Under such circumstances developing a loyal customer base and appealing to your target audience has become more challenging than ever. The only way to spread the word about your brand and its unique product and services is through avid marketing.

Affordable Marketing Strategies by Peter DeCaprio

Peter DeCaprio believes that marketing is the most exciting yet challenging aspect of business management. With so many competitors, in order to stand out, you must invest in creative marketing techniques that can give your brand a distinct image and allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible. Here are the few simple yet impactful marketing strategies Peter DeCaprio suggests you invest in:

1.    Flyers

Most small businesses start off with a strict budget. Due to limited monetary resources investing in marketing firms isn’t a valid option. One marketing technique that has withstood the test of time is the use of flyers. As simple as they may sound, flyers are an affordable and direct way to market your brand and increase visibility. Brief, to-the-point pamphlets highlighting vital business information like contact details, location, website info, working hours, and ongoing sales and discounts is a great way to attract your audience. Pick out areas in the business’s locality and mail as many flyers as you can. It never hurts to add a coupon or a voucher for new customers.

2.    Posters

In a world ruled by technology, using posters may sound rather conventional and old-school, but physically seeing and reading an advertisement creates a lasting impression in the customer’s subconscious. Even today, many supermarkets, malls, public spaces and eateries offer bulletin boards for up-and-coming businesses to display announcements and ads. You can customize your posters as much as you want to represent the authentic image of your brand. Use a different theme and color idea for each location that coordinates well with the surroundings, and add relevant images to make your poster visually appealing.


Nothing builds customer loyalty faster than a program that engages customers and makes them feel valued, heard, and seen. According to Peter DeCaprio, advertising can get you one-time clients, but it is what you do after the service that makes them stay. Checking in with your clients from time to time, hearing their reviews and complaints, and incorporating their feedback in your business are key to developing a loved and respected brand. Questionnaires, feedback forms, or even 60-second calls are a great way to stay in touch with your audience. You can include questions like:

  • What were you least satisfied by?
  • What other products would you like us to include in our catalog?
  • Where do you hear about our business?
  • How do you think we can better our services?

Bottom Line:

Peter DeCaprio emphasizes that understanding marketing and the strategies that work best for your brand is a process of trial and error. Some techniques will bring in tons of sales while others may not. Patience and consistency are two things that one needs on the journey to establish a successful business in the long run.