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Peter Decaprio: What is FB ads and How to Make Money with Facebook Ads – the Definitive Guide for Advertisers

FACEBOOK ads are a new form of online marketing which is getting popular day by day. This is advertising on Facebook and the numbers of Facebook users are growing exponentially day by day explains Peter Decaprio. People spend regular time on Facebook and that makes it the perfect place for marketers to promote their business among the masses. However, if you want to be successful in this field you need to know everything about FB ads and different types of Facebook ads. Finally, we will show you how to make money with Facebook ads by promoting other people’s products or your own products or services through social media advertising. There are few things we consider before we write any article; one can be our past experiences (if any) and another can be providing our expert’s opinion on the topic, which we feel will benefit the most.

Hope you find our article helpful in some way! So let’s get started without any further delay!

What are FB ads?

FACEBOOK ads is a form of online marketing where businesses create adverts on Facebook and promote their products or services through social media advertising to a targeted audience who are most likely to be interested in that product or service. However, the more you target your Facebook ads towards right people, the better are chances of success for your business. Most popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter uses cost per click (CPC) model while promoting content through advertisements. CPC means the user pays only when anyone clicks on advertisement link posted on a website or blog, but Facebook takes this one step ahead by adding another level of interaction called ‘Like’.

Once your advert gets clicked by the targeted audience, you receive a notification on your wall about an ad campaign (so it’s not like traditional SEO). Most of the modern-day internet users are well aware of Facebook and its features. That means they will notice the adverts you send them more often than any other social media sites or search engine explains Peter Decaprio.

Now that we know what adverts are and how Facebook ads do work, let’s move forward to next section where you can learn different types of Facebook ads.

Different Types of FB Ads

1) Reach Business Page on Facebook

This kind of Facebook advertisement is used to promote business pages on a Facebook platform. Which is also known as Dark Posts in the advertising world. If you already have a business page and want to promote it. Then you can make use of these kinds of advert. According to Facebook’s official ad information website,

“Be seen by more customers – If you already have customers who like your Page. They will be able to see each of your ads on their News Feeds (depending on the targeting for your campaign). For example, if you’re a clothing retailer. And an individual has liked the Page for one of your products or services categories. Then that person would likely see your ad when you show ads connected to those categories.”

However, we still recommend our readers to create new business pages and work on them. Rather than promoting existing business page as results are not guaranteed.

Increase Engagement and Likes for Page

One of the most important factors to consider after creating business page is engagement. You need to increase engagement so that people start liking your page. And also see your ads on their Facebook newsfeeds. And one way you can do this is by promoting Dark Posts on Facebook through FB ads.

Facebook Official Information about Promoting Business Page via Ads:

“Show more customers – If someone has liked your Page, then an ad for it may also appear in News Feed or in another ad auction. If that person meets any targeting criteria you set up (like geographic, demographic, or connection between sites). For example, if you’re a fashion retailer and someone who lives within 25 miles of your store location. Has visited other clothing retail pages recently or likes other fashion-related pages. Then that person may see your ad when you show ads connected to those categories.”


If you already own a Facebook business page (which has some traffic and engagement). And want to promote it, then we recommend you make use of Dark Posts. This will ensure maximum number of users who see your ads are interested in what you offer says Peter Decaprio. You may also send those users an email if they don’t respond to your ad. As this is the best marketing strategy as suggested by our industry experts. However, please note that running FB ads for promoting existing business pages is not very effective. As compared to creating new Facebook business pages and then promoting them using FB ads.