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Peter Decaprio- Three Steps to Take Before Engaging In Serious Debt Consolidation

Peter Decaprio- Three Steps to Take Before Engaging In Serious Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a topic that is unfortunately prevalent in this day and age. Constant economic stress has caused many Americans to fall into the trap of too much debt explains Peter Decaprio.

Well, for those that are currently struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt, the following three steps can help you before you even think about jumping on board with some type of debt consolidation plan.

1) Evaluate Your Financial Situation

First and foremost, if you are thinking about getting involved in some kind of debt consolidation program, it is important that you take some time to evaluate your financial situation first. A credit counseling agency like [Online Payday Loans] can provide you with advice and tools for consolidating debts, but only if they know where you stand financially.

So take some time and get your expenses in order and figure out how much money is coming in and going out of your household. This will help a debt consolidation company determine what type of plan would be best suited for your situation.

2) Know Your Credit Situation

If you have a good idea of where you stand financially, the next step is to obtain a clear picture of your credit. This can be done by going online and ordering a copy of your consumer credit report from one or more of the three major agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

By reviewing your credit report, you will be able to see what debts you already have while also seeing how well or how poorly you are managing those existing debts explains Peter Decaprio. Armed with this knowledge, a debt consolidation company can better help you consolidate your debts and better plan for the future.

3) Shop Around

Once you have evaluated your financial situation and you have a good understanding of your credit situation, then it is time to start shopping around for the best debt consolidation company. By shopping around, you are taking control of your financial future.

But do not just look for any old debt consolidation company – look for one that will provide you with the best services for the type of debt you are facing. There are many good companies out there, but there are also some not so good ones.

So shop around and make sure that when you consolidate your debts. You sign up with a company that can best help you succeed in reaching your financial goals says Peter Decaprio.


Q: Where can I find a good debt consolidation company?

A: There are many reputable companies out there that can help you consolidate your debt. So it is just a matter of shopping around and finding one suitable for your situation. A good place to start looking is the internet. Where information on various companies and their services are more readily available.

Q: How long does it take to sign up with a debt consolidation company?

A: The length of time needed to sign up with a debt consolidation company really depends on. What type of service they provide as well as how soon you will need those services. If possible, try to pick a program that will allow you to begin receiving benefits within 30 days or sooner. This way, if things are starting to get out of control, you can start getting help sooner rather than later.

Q: How much does it cost to consolidate debts?

A: The answer to this question really depends on several factors including the type of debt consolidation plan you choose as well as your financial situation. Debt consolidation companies usually offer a wide range of plans. That vary in their monthly fees and interest rates, so be sure to discuss these options. With a representative from the company before committing yourself to anything.

After taking these three steps, if it still seems like debt consolidation is the right move for you. Then there are some things that may be useful for you to know about before beginning any sort of program. These include some questions frequently asked by those considering making a move towards debt consolidation.


Debt consolidation is a money-saving strategy that can really help many people in need says Peter Decaprio. By evaluating your financial situation. Your credit situation and then shopping around for the best plan. You are taking control of one of the most important aspects of your life – your finances. Once you have consolidated debts you will be able to better budget for the future. While also freeing up more money to spend on other things.