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Peter Decaprio- The Secrets of Starting a Startup—No Cost! Part 1: Creating the Right Mindset

In this three-part article, I will outline how to set the correct mindset for a startup and guide you through a proven process of creating a new company from scratch with no cost involved says Peter Decaprio. This is Part 1 of the series.

Part 1: Creating the Right Mindset

The first thing that an entrepreneur or an owner of a small business must do before starting anything is to set the right mindset for success. In order to do so, it’s important to make sure that your mind works in the way it should work during startup time, otherwise you will find yourself trapped in your own thoughts and won’t be able to make tough decisions when they need to be made.

I am not going here into any spiritual stuff or what-is-your-destiny stuff here. However, you must know that during the startup time, your mind works differently than usual and if you want to succeed in what you’re trying to do, then you need to understand and use the right mental tools and techniques.

So let’s get started:

1) You Are NOT Special!

Let me repeat this once more: “You Are Not Special!” It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are special and knowing what we know about our field of expertise makes us somehow different from people who don’t know anything about it. Well, there is no difference; we already had years of training while others didn’t have that luxury. Be humble and admit that there is a lot for you to learn if you want to become successful.

2) You Are the Average of The Five People Closest To You!

This is a sentence that stays with us for a lifetime, no matter what other people will say about it explains Peter Decaprio. I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before and think that it’s total BS. Trust me, there are enough scientists and researchers (including myself) who prove and confirm this theory and brought it down to earth even though we didn’t really like it when we were told: “You Are the Average of The Five People Closest To You!” This means that you’ll become an average among your friends; let’s assume they go out at night (drinking alcohol) while you don’t drink at all. In the morning, you will feel as bad as they do and if they don’t have a hangover, and then you’ll have one!

In every startup there must be only ONE leader who has to think of good things for him or her. If you work in a group of five people together with a very young entrepreneur (who is still not mature enough to understand what really matters), he/she won’t hesitate to put him/herself first even though this might be harmful for the whole company. Make sure that the Five People Closest to You is going on a healthy lifestyle journey so that they can support your decisions as much as possible during startup time!   

3) “You’re not richer if you have More Money!”

This is a simple statement that is easily misunderstood and can cause a lot of damage to your business. Especially if you’re an owner of a small business! As per this sentence, rich people are those who have money without thinking about it. If you always think about the fact that “You’re Not Richer if You Have More Money!”, then I’m sure one day you’ll find yourself driving some crappy car like me (hahaha) and make enough money for everything your company needs. There’s no need to be obsess with money; as soon as those thoughts start coming into your mind, replace them with better things and prove to yourself that “You’re Not Richer if You Have More Money!” by living like a true entrepreneur and doing good things for you and your company says Peter Decaprio.

4) You Are NOT That Special! (Part II)

This is a sequel to the above chapter. The main reason why I’m writing this part is that it’s very important not to overestimate yourself as an entrepreneur or as an owner of a small business, especially during startup time when you should be very careful about everything that comes out from your mouth or out of your hands – no matter whether we’re talking about finances, product ideas, marketing strategies and so on. This sentence reminds me of one story: “During startup time an owner of a car wash business was thinking about buying new machines and expanding his company by opening several more car washing businesses at the same time.


Fully understand these two simple sentences and you’ll be able to bring your business to greater heights explains Peter Decaprio. Just stay away from those who claim that they can help you find an investor because most of the time it’s just a lie; they’re only after your money (and they’re not as special as they want you to think). The main thing that matters is that if you follow this advice, then I’m sure that one day we will see each other in a better place than we are now.