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Peter Decaprio: The Secret to Getting High Quality Traffic from Google (Hint: It’s Not Social Signals)

In this article, I will explain why the secret to getting high-quality traffic from Google in 2021 is NOT social signals says Peter Decaprio.

The reason I believe that social signals are not a key part of the equation when trying to get high-quality search engine traffic in 2021 is that it’s becoming increasingly harder and harder to rank using ONLY social signals.

If you’ve been online for more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably noticed that most big brands use paid to advertise (Google Adwords or Facebook Ads) as their primary sources of website traffic generation.  Why?  

It’s simple:  

 PPC campaigns such as Adwords and Facebook Ads allow you to scale your marketing efforts quickly with minimal work explains Peter Decaprio.  Think about it: If you wanted, you could set up a PPC campaign and have it generating sales in the next couple of hours.  Compare that to a social media strategy, which can take weeks or months before you start getting results.

The days of ranking high on Google by only using social signals are long gone…In 2021, if you want to get serious about your online marketing efforts, you need to start paying attention to paid traffic campaigns such as Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Becoming Ineffective In 2021?

The primary reason why I believe social media is becoming ineffective when it comes to organic website traffic in 2021 is that there’s too much noise being generated from all these different websites/social profiles that claim to have an algorithm for improved rankings.  The more noise there is out there, the more difficult it becomes for your brand to be noticeable. The social media space has become a cluttered mess with too many people trying to sell products that wouldn’t actually help rank on Google. Peter Decaprio states, that in the past if you wanted traffic from search engines, you had one choice: create awesome content and hope Google likes it enough to rank you.  In 2021, things have become quite a bit harder as Google is looking at even MORE factors when ranking websites on their SERPs.  

Here are a few examples of new ranking signals that Google has been using recently. User Metrics (Google uses this to determine how authoritative/reputable a website or social profile is). The number of Facebook Shares, Tweets, etc. (Google uses this to determine how “popular” a website or social profile is) – Number of external backlinks (Google uses this to determine the authority/reputation of external websites that are linking back to you) So now Google has not 1…not 2…but 4 different factors they use which makes it much more difficult for your brand to be ranked well by Google.  The bottom line?   Social media marketing is NOT as effective as it used to be simply because there’s TOO MUCH NOISE online these days.

So How Can I Get More Traffic In 2021? The best way I’ve been able to generate traffic from Google 2021 is through PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.  If you haven’t been on Facebook in a while, I highly suggest giving it another shot because the ads platform has really evolved over the past few years since its release.  Ads can be targeted to a T and results are typically instant.

Another great thing about PPC campaigns is that they’re easy to scale.  With a simple budget increase or decrease, you can easily tune your ads. So that more users click them or see how much money you’re willing to spend on each lead. The reason why I recommend PPC campaigns for website traffic generation in 2021 is that there’s virtually no work involved once your campaign goes live (you just need to keep tweaking it until it starts generating your traffic).  Compared to generating traffic the old-fashioned way (attracting organic search engine traffic). PPC campaigns can quickly and easily generate a TON of website traffic.


Peter Decaprio explains the Secret to Increasing Your Traffic By 26% In One Week:   If you want to increase your website’s traffic by 26% in just 1 week, I recommend giving paid PPC ads such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads a shot.  Instead of spending your time trying to rank for keywords that will take months or years to generate results. Simply create a few simple, yet targeted ads and spend $100 on generating some initial clicks.  

See how much money you’re willing to spend on each visitor and then scale your ad budget accordingly. Once you have a budget set, it’s time to start optimizing your ads. And bidding on specific keywords (keywords that are most likely to convert into website traffic).  You can easily tweak your ads until they’re converting at a high rate. Then simply let Google/Facebook do all the hard work for you.  As more people click on your PPC ad and visit your website. Google and Facebook will keep generating highly targeted traffic at little to no cost for you!