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Peter DeCaprio: Sir Richard Branson’s Secrets for Success – and Why You Need One Too! By Gaurav Parasrampuria

Richard ‘humble’ Branson is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time. He’s built multiple billion-dollar companies and has his hands in more than 400 different business ventures explains Peter DeCaprio. But Richard started out like all of us – as an average kid who simply wanted to follow his dreams.

For Richard, that dream was to start a band, something he desperately yearned for at age 15. However, after being turned down by 23 different record labels he came up with another plan:  Richard would just start his own record label! This idea paid off big time – not only did it allow him to pursue music but also led him to many other opportunities allowing him today to head some of the biggest brands on earth including Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic.

Today, Richard is one of the most successful people in all of business history not to mention a very humble and down-to-earth guy; always happy to give advice to others who want to follow their dreams! So what does he think is the secret behind his success?

This is why this story exists – so you can get an idea about the unique life journey of Sir Richard Branson, how it led him where he is today and so you too can learn from his successes while striving towards your own goals!

What does Richard think is the secret to his success?

Richard thinks that there are three things you need to be successful in life:

1. Determination –

“It is possible for anyone to conquer fear and approach their dreams with excitement and passion”. This quote by Richard really sets the tone for what he’s about – someone who never gives up on their dreams no matter how big they may seem! In other words, it doesn’t matter if you get knocked down a thousand times, Richard believes that it will all be worth it because one day your reach-goal could be just around another corner says Peter DeCaprio.

2. Imagination –

It’s not enough just to have determination in order to achieve your goals; you also have to have the imagination to bring your goals to life. Like Richard did when he founded Virgin Airlines. First, there was no such thing as the “low-cost” airline industry – it didn’t exist until Richard came along! His idea of bringing affordable travel to everyone has led him over four decades of success.

3. Dreams –

More than anything else, you need a dream that you are willing to turn into reality! No one ever got anywhere in life by imagining what could be; instead, you have to see your dreams for what they truly are – achievable goals! If you can do this then everything else will come together naturally – determination, imagination and finally, your dreams will become your reality!

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Question: Hi, I’ve just read your article. It is very nice and good to know about Richard Branson success story—but how can I do like him? What’s the secret of his success?

Answer: Yes, many people ask me also same questions! So I’m writing another article soon for them! But please follow my blog regularly… 😉

Question: Gaurav, thanks for writing such an awesome story… I really enjoyed reading it. May be you could write about – “How was Ajay Devgan Success Story…?”

Reply: Thank You! Sure, Ajay Devgan is a great personality who has worked with big stars like Shah Rukh Khan; Salman Khan; Sanjay Dutt; Govinda; Shahid Kapoor- all at the same time! In short, Ajay Devgan is a versatile actor. He’s an amazing producer as well. He started his own production house- Ajay Devgan Films Pvt Ltd in the year 2005 which produced some great movies like Aakrosh; Omkara and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai etc.

Question: How I can become a successful entrepreneur? My age is 20 now.. So what should I do?

Answer: Wow! Great Question… OK. To be honest I have no idea how to answer this until you don’t contact me per email or FB message… here 🙂 Anyway, please send me your questions in my FB message box. And I’ll try to reply to your question soon!

Question: Sir, can I have some tips how to become an entrepreneur?

Answer: There are no fixed rules or guidelines for becoming an entrepreneur. You just need to take action towards your dream! You should be prepared for not getting enough sleep; starting up with less money than you hoped… But this is life and there is nothing like a ‘magic button’ which could help us to reach our goal without hard work says Peter DeCaprio. Just do what feels right and that’s it!


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