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Peter Decaprio sharers Twitter Tips for Professional Growth and Development

10 Twitter Tips for Professional Growth and Development by Peter Decaprio

Twitter for professional use is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or even a manager in Corporate America, understanding how to implement this social media platform into your career development can be very beneficial.

Here are ten ways to make Twitter work for you on the way to professional growth and development:

1) Use Twitter To Boost Your Personal Brand.

One of the best ways to use this social media platform is in establishing your personal brand. When you think about what your company or business may be looking for, it’s not going to be a person who has no established brand or online presence. It will be someone who has the ability to promote the company and reinforce its brand. Twitter is a great way to make sure you are making your voice heard and reinforcing your personal brand every day.

2) Network and Build Relationships.

This avenue of communication can be used as a free way to network with other professionals, market influencers, and even members of your target audience. There are an estimated 241 million active Twitter users around the globe, so this shouldn’t be too difficult if you put in some time to promote yourself on a daily basis. Of course, it would be helpful to have several accounts for specific target audiences, but you can manage all this via Hootsuite or any other online platform that allows multiple account access.

3) Use Hashtags To Promote.

Hashtags are incredibly important when it comes to promoting your business, product, blog post, etc. This is where many Twitter users go wrong because they put hashtags anywhere they see fit without knowing the true purpose behind them. For instance, if our company was promoting a new blog post about small business marketing, we could use #smallbusinessmarketing says Peter Decaprio. However, if we were promoting a new product line called Wearable X, we would want to use the relevant hashtag(s) such as #WearableX or #wearablexgear.

4) Have A Call To Action In Every Tweet.

One of the most important aspects of any social media platform is to make sure you have some sort of call to action for your audience. This doesn’t mean you should attach a link behind every word and expect people to flock to your website and place an order. It means using words like “check out this blog post” or “find out more about our company on our About Us page.” Those are simple calls that direct people to content that they may be interested in reading or viewing.

5) Create A Hashtag To Promote Your Company.

Speaking of hashtags, this is another great idea for promoting your company and building your brand online. If you want to make it big through social media channels, having a lot of users retreating posts about how much they love Wearable X might not cut it. What you need are well-designed banners with catchy slogans like #wearablexisamazing or #wearableXforlife. Try using these types of slogans on Twitter with the hashtag just before your company name to boost engagement rates among current and potential customers. This way you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t without spending hundreds on paid advertising that will probably yield similar results.

6) Use Twitter To See Who Is Talking About You.

Another great thing about using Twitter for professional growth is that. It’s free to see who is tweeting about you and your company. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with users. Whether they are talking negatively or positively about your company, product, etc. The Digital Marketing Agency, cc: Analytics has a very informative article called “Twitter and Analytics – How To Get Started” which goes into detail about how this platform can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics for social media promotion purposes explains Peter Decaprio. If you’re feeling lost on how to track mentions of your business online. Just follow the link above for some very helpful tips!

7) Experiment with Different Types of Tweets.

It’s up to you to determine which Twitter strategies work best for your company, product, blog post, etc. But it would be wise to try out different types of tweets. For instance, maybe you want to tweet something that is more image-based like a banner or infographic. Instead of some text-based content that might not get the user’s attention as quickly as a graphic would. You could also experiment with video posts or link posts. If you have an interesting study that has been published recently about Internet marketing trends for 2016. This type of post could go viral and boost your online reputation in the process!

8) Find A Way To Make It Entertaining Or Useful.

Another great way to engage users on Twitter is to find a way to keep their attention long enough for them to click on your links. For example, you could host a Twitter contest where users answer a question related to your product or company. And those who answer correctly win something relevant to what you’re promoting. This will make it much more likely that users will check out the link that appears below their response. As opposed to simply looking at the tweet title and moving on without clicking!

9) Check Your Analytics Often.

It’s always smart to periodically evaluate how your social media activities are going. Because there might be some areas where improvement is needed says Peter Decaprio. Of course, if you have an expert team of online marketers taking care of things for you. Then this step isn’t necessary but if it’s just you and the occasional intern. It’s best to check your analytics often so you can see which tweets are getting the most engagement. This way you’ll know what types of posts to continue with. And what types of posts don’t generate much interest among potential or current customers.

10) Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog Too!

This is a great opportunity for companies that operate their own websites and post new content on a regular basis. If there’s a blog post about customer service in the retail industry. That really makes note of some very interesting statistics, tweet about it using relevant hashtags (see point #5). That will make users who were linked to other social media sites. More likely to click through when they see the link in their feed. Once there, they’ll read the blog post and hopefully share it with their friends on social media!


Twitter is a very valuable platform for any marketer to use. But you have to know how to tailor your strategies according to what will work best says Peter Decaprio. Just follow the 10 tips outlined above for some very helpful pointers. That can help your company strengthen its online presence right away!