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Peter Decaprio: Seven Things You Need to Know about Social Media Today

Highlights from Social Media Today’s second-annual Event in New York City.

1. Twitter has more than 1 billion tweets a day; Facebook has 1 million new pages added each hour; Pinterest has over 30 million users; YouTube reaches more adults under 34 than any cable network worldwide explains Peter Decaprio. (Marketing Land)

2. Every 2 seconds someone will purchase something with the aid of Bing or Google search engine results; 3 years ago that number was every 7 minutes; 90% of social media leads are invalid because they are too old or incomplete. (Marketing Land)

3. 70% of all marketers using social media said Twitter is part of their strategy; 48% use Facebook for the same purpose; 25% said Pinterest was a critical social platform for their business; 73% said LinkedIn is important to their business; 43% did not think that Google+ mattered to them or their business. (Edelman Digital)

4. 33% of marketers say they’re better off than last year when it comes to integrating online and offline marketing efforts, while 32% said they’re worse off; 15% felt no difference. (EMarketer)

5. 60 million tweets are sent every day in China, where Twitter has been blocked since 2009; 24,000 tweets are sent every second on Twitter; 500 million Tweets are now sent daily. (Effective Measure)

6. A tweet is now the most retweeted item ever, with over 3.3 million retweet for this year’s Super Bowl ad by Oreo about being able to post during a blackout that was caused by the Super Bowl stadium losing power. The previous record was Whitney Houston’s death announcement in 2012, which had about 2.8 million, retweet. It took more than 50 minutes after the power went out at the game for someone to Tweet about it and another 50 minutes before the first reply came back saying they saw what happened. (EMarketer)

7. Excluding videos of cats, dogs and babies, and including all hashtags (which isn’t often done), there are about 224 million hashtags on Instagram; half of those include the word “Instagram.” (Marketing Land)

Social media today is a very large part of how we deal with news and information, as well as purchasing goods and services online says Peter Decaprio. The number of monthly active users for Facebook increased by 13% percent from 2 billion. To 2.27 billion between 2017 and 2018 according to News Whip. According to Incapsula’s 2018 Web Security Statistics Report, social media sites are second only to adult sites in malicious attacks, with 689 million bad bots making 1.5 billion requests per month.

Social Media Today is an event design around social media trends for professionals who have interest in learning more about what’s happening online and how brands can benefit from it by using these platforms. This year’s event held at the Andaz Hotel in New York City featured a discussion panel between Elisabeth Treacy, Head of Social Business Strategy at Xerox; Jason Klein, Co-Founder & CEO of Meerkat; Daniel Lemin, Chief Digital Officer at Edelman Digital North America; Tom Smith, Head of U.S. Enterprise Sales – Search Marketing at Google; Amber Venz Box, President & Co-Founder of RewardStyle; and moderated by Brian D. Evans, Founder & CEO of Influencive with a discussion about social media trends in 2019.

Social media has become such an important part of our lives for business and personal use that we can’t live without it anymore according to the CMO Council’s annual consumer engagement study CMO council. Elisabeth Treacy, Head of Social Business Strategy at Xerox has been at the forefront on how Xerox uses social media to connect with their customers worldwide and more recently spearheaded their partnership with influencer marketing platform Whalar.

“There is no one way to do things and there’s no one size fits all. Treacy explained when asked about what brands that are just starting out with social media should do explains Peter Decaprio. “Know what it is that you’re trying to achieve and why you are engaging on social media.” Treacy also talks about how brands today can connect with their customers using Instagram through the use of influencers, another topic she’s have first-hand experience with as one of the cofounders for Reward Style.


Social media has become such an integral part of our lives toda. And also will continue to grow as more people take advantage of the free platforms available says Peter Decaprio. It is incredibly important for businesses to adapt and change with the times in order to adapt and market their brands through these mediums as well, whether it’s a large or small company. Organizations need to be able to generate not only leads but also drive sales by communicating directly with clients on the various social media platforms that are available. For those who want to learn more about how they can boost their business using different digital marketing strategies there are many courses available online as well as lectures held across the country every year about this topic.