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Peter DeCaprio: Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Website

Every year in January there are several articles about internet marketing and how to make money with your website says Peter DeCaprio. And when you look at many of these posts, they seem to be more or less the same article written over and over again with only minor changes every time somebody wants to post one of those articles.

I asked myself why I should write another one of these standard posts so here is my answer: There are only 10 ways of making money on the internet that actually works! Everything else is pure speculation, some half-baked logic, a scam, or otherwise unlikely. And if you can name me all ten proven ways that would be even better!

Until then I will write down what has worked for me personally since 2000 when I had my first website. The list will be in descending order of importance and I will give a short summary to every one of them. So let’s get started:

#1 Google Adsense

What Works For You? What Doesn’t? This is the golden goose of all money-making schemes on the internet! And it has been for over 10 years now from what I can tell. In German, there is a saying that goes something like this: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer! ” If you take a look at anybody’s income reports out there, you will see that Google Adsense is by far the best source of income on the internet. Everybody is using Google Adsense for one reason: because it works!

Don’t waste time on any other scheme out there, because if you cannot make money with Adsense then the problem is not your traffic source but your website or landing page! The only downside to Google Adsense is that you need a lot of visitors in order to make decent money by displaying Google Ads on your website explains Peter DeCaprio. I would not recommend signing up for an account unless you can estimate at least 500-1,000 daily unique visits soon after approval. How To Get Started? If you want to start making money with your website and test if Adsense will work for you, here is what you should do: Sign up for a free Google Adsense account and start generating some attention for your website. Check the “Allow And Block Campaigns” and enable campaigns where you want ads displayed on your site.

Keep An Eye On Your Traffic:

 After enabling ad campaigns, keep an eye on how many clicks and impressions you get according to Google Analytics (or any other traffic tracking software). If everything works fine after a few days, make sure to check if there is enough content on your website in order for advertisers to display relevant ads which will result in more clicks and higher CTR (click-through rate). If not, either add more content or rework your existing pages so that they actually provide value instead of just being another “me too” guide about a certain topic.

Advertise Online Products & Services:

This is the heart and soul of every good website out there. The goal of your website should be to provide value and build trust among your visitors says Peter DeCaprio. If you do that, they will feel more inclined to buy something from you instead of going somewhere else or doing nothing at all.

I have made over $100,000 with Google Adsense so far! And I am not bragging here because it was not me who did any work – all I did was put up a website about digital marketing which gained some momentum over time due to SEO techniques…

#2 Affiliate Marketing

   What Works For You? All affiliate marketers are looking for ways to sell products online since this is one of the most efficient ways of generating money with very little effort. The quality of a product in terms of design and ease-of-use is totally irrelevant here because it boils down to this one aspect: Is there a large enough audience that would be interested in purchasing the product? If you can answer that question in a positive then affiliate marketing might just work for you!

What Doesn’t? Selling products online through an affiliate program usually entails receiving a part of every sale which is a commission by your partner company. In order to make decent money with affiliate programs, there has to be a significant number of sales so if you cannot offer access to an audience that will purchase from you frequently or pay a large sum upfront, then forget about making any money at all!

How to Get Started? To get a start with affiliate marketing, you need to find a product. That is high in demand and easy to promote. If you cannot find anything like this out there then I recommend that you stick to selling your own products or services before trying to sell someone else’s.

Once You Reach A Critical Mass:  

When it comes down to affiliate marketing, driving traffic is the most difficult thing because each new visitor might result in only one click per visit which makes this type of monetization highly inefficient even though it is very powerful when achieved on a large scale! Once you reach a critical mass within your market niche, however, everything will fall into place.


Affiliate marketing is the most efficient way of generating income online and it has been working like a charm for me (and for many other bloggers out there) ever since I first started using it says Peter DeCaprio. Regardless of how much money you earn with Adsense, affiliate marketing should be your main focus if you want to generate serious cash regularly!