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Peter DeCaprio on Mental Illness Due to Prolonged COVID-19

It is more than one year of the pandemic, and its impact on people’s mental health has been tremendous says Peter DeCaprio. Anxiety, stress, depression, and a sense of hopelessness engulfed almost everyone. Some people became vulnerable to mental ailments due to bereavement, job loss, social distancing, etc. To be precise, studies need more data to establish the connection between signs of mental health deterioration and COVID-19. But what remains undeniable is its direct effect on the brain, which eventually leads to mental health issues. From mood disorders to dementia, stroke to bleeding, the viral infection poses systematic challenges that need careful attention and handling.

How to treat long Covid-related mental illness?

The experts say that psychological support can play a critical role in this. If a patient needs drug treatment, the mental health workers can recommend something practical for their health. They can chat with the patients with the intent to understand their problems. And if it is a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they can suggest therapies to help them detach their memories from emotions. According to Peter DeCaprio, talking therapies can prove more valuable than medication for these people.

So, if you know someone is suffering from this issue, you can take them to doctors or support groups for proper help. However, before this, you would need to know the signs of such a mental condition.

Signs of PTSD in people

You can observe their behavior to spot the difference. For example, a PTSD patient often exhibits negative moods and thinking. These people lack feelings or detach themselves from others. They seem less bothered by the world and what happens there. Anger, irritability, and hypervigilance can be too high in them. Another sign of such disorder can be staying away from situations that remind them of past events. These people tend to have negative opinions about them and suffer from interpersonal difficulties. Plus, they can face the issue of emotional dysregulation.

Before the pandemic also, people suffered from this type of mental condition. But the covid-related situation has aggravated this. That’s why it has become essential to be more attentive to this and help the person in your contact. Since not everyone can handle these stressful situations, you can talk to other family members and friends for guidance. With them, you can figure out the right therapist and get them adequate medical attention. At the same time, you can do a few things at your end too. For example, you can invite them for meditation. Although there is not enough evidence on the effects of meditation on PTSD and depression, experts believe it can promote their mental well-being and wellness.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s life in some ways. You can also feel stressed out due to this. If that is the case, you must take care of yourself along with others. Eat healthy, exercise, maintain sleep hygiene. And if you think you are facing PTSD challenges, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance. Early detection and treatment can go a long way in improving your mental health.