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Peter Decaprio Offers Some Practical Suggestions to Tackle Covid Related Mental Disorder

We all know that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11th, 2020 says Peter DeCaprio. This was followed by panic buying like hoarding medicines and essential items because the stores would remain closed for an indefinite period. So, out of fear and anxiety that people would not get access to the most important things, people started gathering their groceries and medicines.

However, if you will recall, many that already had a pre-existing mental condition were the worst affected because the pandemic that added on to their woes created havoc on their mental well-being.

Tips to help you stay Calm at the time of Covid

You can go through these tips that can help you to stay sane when the world is reeling under a physical and mental holocaust.

  1. Do not believe in rumors. After all, during such times every other person wants to get credit by giving the impression that he knows more about the coronavirus than you do. So, steer clear of discussions that will not take you anywhere but instead will add to your already disturbed mindset.
  2. This is the time when you must take care of yourself even more because hospitals and clinics are following strict norms about social distancing and maintaining all the protocols. So, stay safe at home but if you do have regular appointments with your doctor every month. Do not fail to show yourself to the medical practitioner.
  3. You must continue taking the medicines that you have been taking from the pre-covid times. It does not make sense in stopping your routine medicines. It will make matters worse.
  4. If you are on regular medication, find out if your medicines can be delivered at home. Instead of you having to go to the medical shop or clinic to get the same.
  5. If you are already under a lot of stress and prone to anxiety, Peter Decaprio suggests that you should avoid too much news. It can prove to be detrimental. This is because not every news you will hear is good and especially during these times. All you get to hear is the number of people losing their lives. And statistical data of unemployment, pay cuts, job cuts, and so on, which can be very depressing.
  6. Isolation is one reason why most people are falling ill mentally. If you are following the restrictions then you stay away physically but at the same time. You can always connect with your loved ones over the many platforms. That are available these days for staying in touch. These are the same platforms where students are taking their online classes.


Even though vaccination has been rolled out by many countries. There still exists a sect of people that suffer from mental disturbances says Peter Decaprio. So, above mentioned are a few practical measures. That you can follow so that you can brush aside the mental impacts of the coronavirus at large.