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Peter Decaprio- How to Plan for Success Three Years after College

Peter Decaprio- How to Plan for Success Three Years after College

In the summer of 2010, I was working for a marketing firm in New York City. It wasn’t my ideal job nor was it what I wanted to be doing after four years in college, but it paid well and I knew that networking with others would give me a better chance at finding a job that suited my personality and professional interests says Peter Decaprio.

Looking back, that was easily one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done because by taking away all of her hope, she became incredibly cruel towards me without even realizing it. The more kind-hearted guys out there would have given their right arm for someone like her; why did I make it so hard for myself? Anyhow, something good came out of this experience: Although our casual dating ended two years ago, we’re still friends today.

She’s one lucky girl! Being confined to working hours a week with no time for friends or family made me realize that I needed to re-organize my life so I didn’t put myself in positions for things like this to happen again.

The following are some steps you can take if you find yourself in the same situation as me:

Step #1: Put Yourself Out There

Being single is a normal part of life whether you’re 18, 28, 38 or even over 50. It’s easy to let yourself fall into a routine where work and school are your top priorities but then one day you wake up wondering why it’s been six months since you’ve gone on a date. Dating doesn’t have to be complicating either; just start by making new friends!

When I first moved back to New York City after college, I found it difficult to start all over again because I was surrounded by the same people I went to high school with says Peter Decaprio. The first thing I did was take a volunteer position at an events company where there were at least eight other single guys my age who enjoyed being social over the weekend. Within two weeks of working there, two of them asked me out on separate dates!

On top of that, making new friends will give you lots of opportunities to meet girls during social activities. It won’t be long before you find someone that catches your eye or strikes up a conversation with you about how she once knew your friend from college which reminded her of your name…

Step #2: Make Room for Love

Living in New York City always makes me feel like I’m in a movie because in my line of work, it’s not unusual for someone to propose to their girlfriend within the first hour of meeting them. Don’t get intimidate by that though; even if you’re the one getting engage, it’s always good to check your life at the door when you walk into work because there are much more important things going on around you.

Anyhow, since most people reading this blog are probably between jobs or looking for jobs right now, I’ll tell you exactly what I did after interviewing with FAO Schwarz: If possible, find an opening to take time off from school or work so you have enough time to socialize and go on dates without having anything else competing for your attention says Peter Decaprio.

This last September I took two consecutive weeks off from work to travel all over the east coast, and believe me when I say that it was more than worth it. Not only did my bank account appreciate not having any expenses during that time but getting out of your house forces you to meet people in new places which is guarantee to produce interesting interactions; nothing breaks the ice like telling someone “Excuse me, can you take our photo by this cool statue?”

Step #3: Don’t Let Yourself Get Hung Up on One Person

You’ve probably heard of men who become so obsessed with their significant other that they lose touch with everyone around them including their closest friends. These guys usually fall into trouble because there isn’t anyone else for them to talk to when their relationship becomes stressful or challenging, and it’s even worse if they’ve just recently broken up with someone.

This particular scenario is the reason why I became so strict about not letting myself become too attached when I went out on dates; there were times when I’d meet a girl who seemed really cool but unless she was planning on moving in with me next week, it didn’t make sense to let things get serious because eventually we would have to move on with our lives. By following this rule, I was able to remain friends with many girls that caught my eye which also helped me meet other people through them as well as stay focused at work without stress from juggling too many relationships.


In conclusion, if you want to meet more people while looking for love then make sure you have a full life that consists of both work and play says Peter Decaprio. This way when the right person comes into your life, there won’t be any distractions or regrets about how things slowed down once they entered because guess what.