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Peter Decaprio: How to Monetize Your Blog (What Works and What Doesn’t)

Making money from blogs is one of the most common topics that are discussed by bloggers. People are just curious about “How to monetize my blog?” As blogging is the new way of earning says Peter Decaprio. Many people have made their blogs into full-time businesses through different ways of monetizing them.

Today in this article I will discuss some methods in which you can make money from your own blog in both the short term and long run with full proof strategies.

So let’s start…

1) Sponsored Posts:  

This method is also called paid posts wherein brands or companies offer you to write sponsored post for them on your blog. You can approach any company or brand either by yourself or contact through PR team if they are looking for blogger outreach.

How it works:

You can write your post on any topic or review of the product which they are offering you to write, and they will pay for that post. The payment will be based on per word or per click basis as per their terms and conditions. There is no fixed amount for writing a sponsored post as different brands offer different prices depending on their brand image and market value of the product.

Example:   Search Engine Journal is a popular website where bloggers from all over the world publish their paid posts.

Paid Post Writer at Tutsplus is one of those sites that offer to hire writers with experience in the technology niche for content creation.


Writing a sponsored post looks cool as others might not believe that you are getting paid for writing a post. As they can think it is your own content which you want to publish on your blog just to get traffic explains Peter Decaprio.


  If everything goes well and according to your expectations then there should not be any cons in this method except for rare cases when brands do not pay or take time to pay after completion of work.

2) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone else’s products (not yours) and earning a commission if anyone buys that product through your website. For example, if you are selling a pen and you recommend another company’s pen in your review then in that case you will get a commission from both – for selling a pen and for referring one.

How it works:

You need to find affiliate programs that have good conversion rates or commission payment structures. There are many companies that have affiliate programs just search for them on Google. If you want to promote any product from Amazon then there is a separate system called ‘Amazon Associates’ where they pay 4-10% of their sale price when someone buys the product from your recommendation/review/article content.


 Affiliate marketing can be very profitable especially when you use an affiliate program that pays a high commission for each sale. You can earn decent amount of money in a short time if you use it the right way.


 The only con is that affiliate marketing requires your hard work to find out products that people usually buy after reading reviews or articles explains Peter Decaprio. Finding out high converting affiliate offers takes time so one must be patient and keep trying different sources daily.

3) Digital Products:  

 Marketing digital products like eBooks, software’s (ex-Camtasia), music files (ex- audiojungle ), web templates ( ex- Themeforest ), etc has become very popular among bloggers these days as they are easy to create with quality content within a few minutes and also sell them online for a good price without spending too much time on development parts like mobile apps or other software’s.

How it works:  

You can make a digital product on your own or hire someone to create for you with some extra money says Peter Decaprio. Once it’s created upload it on any website like Sellfy, Clickbank, etc, and send the link of eBook, music file, or template to your email list, social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) with an attractive caption.


 Making money online with eBooks is easier than creating software’s so beginners should start here without investing too much time/money in the development part.


There is very little chance of earning a good amount of money within a short period because you need to build audience interest in your product by giving them enough information and that requires time.

4) Adsense:  

 It is the oldest way to monetize your blog and still works fine for new bloggers starting from scratch.

How it works:

You need to create a Google AdSense account that can be easily on their official site, add a code assign there on any page where you want ads to appear, and start making money.


It is easy to use and can start within minutes once the Google AdSense account is creats. You don’t need to create any digital product or do affiliate marketing to make money with it.


It is very difficult to earn a good amount of money through ads displayed on your blog because there are many other popular blogs already earning profit from ads displayed on their blog so the competition is tough here.


  No matter how popular your blog is you need to have patience and keep trying different business options every day if you want to make some good money online. Peter Decaprio says there is no quick way to success so work hard, be patient and keep trying new ways daily that will bring you some profits eventually.