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Peter Decaprio: How to get traffic for your blog and How to make money via blogging

Most of the bloggers and newbie writers search for the most effective ways to increase traffic and earning via blogging says Peter Decaprio. Suppose you start your blog with good quality articles, but you are not getting many visitors for it? How will be possible that you can earn money from blogging?

So here we come up with some amazing tricks for increasing blog’s traffic and making money:

1) Monitor your competitor’s keywords

There is a big chance that your competitors know what exactly keywords they use to find their website through search engines by typing the keyword in search bar result page as like as Google provided above image. So if you also research about using those same words as like as your niche (your topic), then it may help you bring more targeted visitors on your blog.

2) Write your blog on one topic per day

If you want success in blogging, then start writing on one particular topic per day. It’s very difficult to make traffic with multiple topics at a time. So stop worrying for this and choose one topic every day which you like the most or related to your niche (topic). For example- Digital marketing is my niche. Now I can write an article on how to Add Google Analytics code On Blogger, WordPress, Joomla etc… After that How to Increase a Website Ranking on Google, How to Create Landing page For Your Website, etc…

Don’t read articles of your rivals of your niche then start to think that you are not good as compare to them. If you are really good at your topic, then write according to your standards so it can increase self-confidence in what you are writing.

4) Promote your posts on social media

Don’t take blogging as a hobby or work, treat it as a serious business because you have to promote your post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc… after publishing the article on blog. It will help other people who follow those users on social sites that visit your blog via them and they may come again if your content is good enough for reading says Peter Decaprio.

5) Don’t try too much hard for promotion of articles

If I recommend something for you that don’t try too hard for increasing traffic on your blog. Actually, it’s not possible for a single blogger so you have to promote your post via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. After publishing the article on your blog, you can go now relax and write the next one.

6) Don’t ignore comment section

A comment section is a place where readers ask questions about what you’ve written or give feedback. You should always reply because it will make them happy and they’ll leave a good comment which can encourage other people to come back to your website. It also increases trust among visitors about you and your site. But make sure that comments are good quality ones otherwise delete those comments without wasting time.

7) Add share buttons in post’s end

Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons at the end of your posts. It will give users the ability to share information with friends and family members who might be interested in that post also explains Peter Decaprio. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc… are good ways for promoting blog articles.

8) Don’t underestimate on-page SEO factors

Every blogger should know about on-page SEO because on-page SEO plays a great role in increasing traffic via search engines. If you know what keywords or key phrases you want your site to show up for in searches, then write them in the title of your post, include them throughout the article itself, and have a few more sprinkled in important spots within your content. Then use only these words throughout your article, and try not to use them too much. On page SEO is one of the best ways for increasing traffic on your blog as like as Google provided below image:

9) Don’t forget about off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO means promoting your website by adding backlinks from other related websites which can help you increase search engine rankings via search engines like Google, Bing, etc… But make sure that those sites are related to yours and don’t have any bad SEO or spammy patterns according to Google reviews guidelines. You can also promote your post on social sites where you have followers but do it after publishing the article not before it because it’s a spam activity according to Google reviews guideline.


I hope you have got some basic idea about How to Increase a Website Ranking on Google, How to Promote Your Blog’s Articles on Social Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, etc explains Peter Decaprio. If you are making these mistakes then I recommend you avoid this so you can easily increase website ranking on search engines.