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Peter Decaprio explains How to Create an E-Commerce Site for your Business

“Do it yourself e-commerce?” If this phrase sounds foreign to you, you’re probably not alone. Even for small businesses that want to establish an online presence, the idea of managing their own e-commerce site isn’t always appealing says Peter Decaprio. It takes a lot of technical know-how and costs money

. There must be an easier way, right? More and more often, there is. The emergence of cloud computing has made it easy for business owners to get their own e-commerce site up and running with little fusses or expense.

Ease of use –

The ease in which a business owner can get their own e-commerce site up and running is the most important reason that self-hosted e-commerce sites are becoming increasingly popular. Using a cloud based system; they no longer need to know HTML or other web programming languages in order to develop a fully fledged online store. Instead they can simply choose from dozens of prebuilt templates and begin setting up their stores with little fuss or expertise required.

In addition to the ease of use when it comes to developing an online storefront, businesses will also appreciate being able to maintain their own e-commerce site without having to rely on outside programmers. There’s no need for costly maintenance contracts because website hosting companies ensure that their systems are always available 24/7 at a fair price.

No more costly set up fees –

One of the biggest complaints with e-commerce sites is that it’s just too expensive. Many traditional e-commerce site providers charge thousands for initial setup and then hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year for maintenance.

The problem with this approach is that most small business owners who want to sell online aren’t really looking at making a profit initially; they simply see an opportunity to increase their profits by reaching new customers and developing the brand recognition associated with having an e-commerce site in the first place.

Most cloud hosting companies offer various levels of service when it comes to setting up an online store, so there is always something affordable for any budget explains Peter Decaprio. They also provide complete customer service and monthly maintenance at a flat monthly fee of $50 or less.

This makes the initial investment more than worthwhile for small business owners who are just getting off the ground and want to get their products in front of customers online without having to worry about finding the money to pay for it all up front.

Plus, there’s no need to continually upgrade as needed with cloud hosting companies because they provide access to all future updates and upgrades at no additional charge. This means that all you’ll ever have to do is pay your regular monthly fee and then sit back while they take care of everything else!

E-commerce can increase profits –

More and more businesses are discovering how easy it is to dramatically increase sales. By having an e-commerce site in the first place. Not having an e-commerce site in today’s connected world is rapidly becoming an outdated business practice. So it only makes sense to jump in and take advantage of this opportunity.

The benefits associated with e-commerce are tremendous for local businesses. They want to expand their reach beyond just their immediate customer base. But don’t necessarily have the money or expertise to fund a large marketing budget.

By setting up an online store regardless of your budget constraints you’ll be able to generate much-needed revenue. By tapping into new markets and extending your brand visibility through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, many cloud hosting companies even provide free marketing tools like product videos and assortment graphics at no extra charge!

There are dozens of companies offering affordable cloud hosting solutions for small business owners. Who want to set up an e-commerce site, but there are only a few major players in the industry.

We at Host Papa have been providing high quality e-commerce sites to businesses since 2001. And have learned what makes a difference when it comes to outstanding value for money says Peter Decaprio.

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So there you have it; the benefits of cloud hosting go far beyond what most people initially realize. And they also make it much easier and cheaper to set up an e-commerce site. Then traditional hosting packages says Peter Decaprio.

This is why every business should consider using a cloud hosting company for their web presence needs. Even if all you’re looking to do is advertise your products more efficiently on social media. Networks like Facebook or Twitter.