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Peter Decaprio Explains How COVID-19 has Mentally Scared People Irrespective of their Ages

The COVID-19 pandemic widely has been associated with the mortality, migration activities, and morbidity of different communities around the globe says Peter Decaprio. But what it has not been affiliate with is its effect on people’s mental health.

As of 2020, the pandemic has adversely impacted the mental health of many people. What is important to note here is that its collision into people’s lives was so unexpecting and hard that its footprint was engraving in the minds of people of all age groups.

Response of the public health care upon this matter-

Everyone from younger adults, essential workers, ethnic and racial minorities, and unpaid adult helpers are mentally affecting. Reports mention that there has been an increased use of substances, elevation in suicide cases, decreased mindful behavior, and lack of human connections.

The health care system has responded to the pandemic in a very bitter-sweet way. They have helped the helpless people. But there must be an increase in intervention and prevention efforts towards the mental health of the people. A study by Peter Decaprio suggests healthcare strategies should be mindful of the sensitive issues related to the mental health of essential workers, minorities, and people in general.

Contribution of the quarantine on mental health

Human beings are social animals. Human connection surrounding the warmth of their loved ones. This connection was something they never thought of getting off. So, when it happened, it impacted in a very unpropitious way.

Quarantine has affected three major elements or aspects of people’s mental health. This includes emotional security, psychological safety, and social welfare. Being amid such a deadly pandemic and then not seeing people you are emotionally, psychologically, and socially attached to is the worst thing happening during the pandemic.

The mental disorders are mostly seen due to pandemics-

Irrespective of age, race, gender, ethnicity, residence, and status, it is evident that the pandemic has touched everyone mentally. Whether the people knew the protocols and set of rules one must follow to escape the virus or not, there has been constant mental pressure and stress to protect yourself and your loved ones says Peter Decaprio.

This constant tension has driven people insane in one way or other. The most common cases which have turned up during this time regarding mental health are anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and depression. 

These conditions are self-explanatory considering the whole pandemic environment. The helplessness after and being in pain but still being prohibition from reaching out to your family as it’s contagious. 

The side of the problem is being helpless to serve your loved one leading to a mental burden. Losing someone to the virus is a big thing in itself and then being unable to support them is mentally challenging. Behavioral changes and financial crises decreased pay due to the shutdown also add to the stress.

People have suffered and scarred so deep witnessing the governments and health care system failing their people. All people could do was sit in their homes helplessly. With so many waves and deaths, it won’t be surprising to see another pandemic of mental health cases.