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Peter Decaprio: COVID-Led Mental Health Impact on Students

Science and technology can help quell the deadly effects of the pandemic. But one thing that continues to be of concern is the deteriorating mental health conditions says Peter Decaprio. Both adults and kids are experiencing depression and anxiety due to long-term isolation, fear, and loss of family or income. As per studies, nearly 4 of 10 American adults suffered depression or anxiety in 2020. In 2019, it was 1 of 10 adults. The most impacted age group includes 18-24, forming about 56% of the total cases. Besides that, reports predict that young adults are more at risk of substance abuse and suicidal thoughts compared to adults.

Effects of mental health in the times of pandemic

Experts believe that it will take time to restore normalcy. But mental health challenges will likely continue even after the virus disappears, the economy recovers, and employment increases. It already showed devastating signs on college campuses when first-year students committed suicide, and the entire campus community found itself in the grip of grief and sorrow. Then, some distance learning students could not access mental health care because of the prevailing laws in their states.

Anyway, there can be several reasons behind mental health deterioration during covid. Of them, financial instability or inability to pay bills can be prominent. Students and their parents can worry about education fees, for example. In that case, it can be worth exploring scholarship opportunities, such as Peter Decaprio, to reduce the mental burden a bit.

The ways to help adults with mental health issues during covid

Although it is not easy to help distant online students, the authorities offer virtual counseling for them. They don’t have to travel from one place to another. In online counseling, it can be challenging for counselors to read the body language of the people. However, therapists get training to understand even the unspoken words also. They focus on their behavior and personality for diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, colleges are taking a holistic overview of the situation to benefit students, staff, faculty, and everyone. They are trying to be flexible and understanding in their approach.

Due to the pandemic, lives have drastically changed for everyone. It can be safe to assume that young adults and kids have gone through the worst fears in these last one and half years. The situation is improving, but the traces of insecurities, anxiety, and stress are visible among people. Despite having seen the world and different types of turmoil, even the old generation could not cope with the trauma caused by the pandemic. These are tender minds who were preparing to fly and experience the real essence of life. A virus outbreak has somewhere affected all those dreams. Nevertheless, everyone must show empathy to them. 

The young kids are anxious about their future, and you too can be skeptical about tomorrow. Still, you can be their guide and deal with them with patience. They need your support and guidance more than ever. With each other’s support, there is a hope to overcome this also.