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Peter DeCaprio: 7 Ways to Boost Conversions with Micro-Commitments

Most marketers agree that split-testing is important, but they hate it. Peter DeCaprio says those who are able to stick with split-testing find themselves performing better than those who don’t.

…Yet many avoid split testing because they think the results will be more or less the same, and that it takes too long.

I recently read an article on Copyblogger that shared 7 different ways you can use micro-commitments to boost conversions.  This is not a new approach; what’s new here is how easy it’s become to implement these steps thanks to tools like SumoMe (a free plugin), MailChimp (free for first 2,000 subscribers), Wufoo (online form builder) others.

Performing Split-Testing the Right Way

The truth is that, if you want to get better results, the only way to do it is through split-testing. And if you don’t test enough variations of your pages, your conversions will suffer.

…There’s no way around it: split testing sucks. It takes time and requires patience before you start seeing results. Peter DeCaprio states There are 7 ways to make this process easier for you…and help you achieve better results quicker than ever before.

7 Ways to Boost Conversions with Micro-Commitments

1) Remove navigation links

2) Use powerful but not attention-grabbing CTAs (i.e., click here instead of “click here”)

3) Disable right-click (so that people can’t save your page as a PDF and thus avoid having to give you their email address)

4) Offer one clear CTA.  Don’t try to do everything at once; focus on getting one thing right.

5) Use video or GIFs instead of photos

6) Use three testimonials

7) Make the “buy” button really stand out (i.e., use colors like red, orange, and yellow). When all else fails: Let the customer decide (by building in an Unbounce-style Wizard)…or by offering a coupon code.

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The truth is that split testing takes work. It’s not sexy, fun or easy…but it works like crazy if you stick with it.

Micro-commitments can help you get started, and give you a better chance of achieving your goals. If running multiple tests still doesn’t work for you, perhaps this will: The next time you’re thinking about split testing something, just do it. Do it now. And see what happens. Worst case scenario: Your conversion rates stay the same and nothing changes. Best case: You take your business to the next level.