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Peter Decaprio: 6 Ways to Increase Your Self-Worth Right Now

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Peter Decaprio: 6 Ways to Increase Your Self-Worth Right Now


  • One of the best ways to increase your self-worth is by taking care of yourself. Peter Decaprio says when you take responsibility for your own needs and make choices that are healthy. you’ll notice a shift in your mood and how you feel about yourself overall. You’ll notice that you’re able to accomplish more and that if faced with challenges or setbacks. You have a renewed sense of encouragement because you’ve been able to maintain stability in other areas.


  • Do things that remind you why being alive is important:  Don’t just exist in a world where there every day routine becomes life itself, but actually do something with it!. Go outside every day – even on days when it’s cloudy or rainy or both – and appreciate at least some part of the world. Take in the sun or appreciate a beautiful sky, even if it’s not in the traditional sense. Watch “You’ve Got Mail” on repeat and cry – whether you’re watching it for the first time or the 100th time. And then go get yourself some coffee.


  • Peter Decaprio says gain confidence by reminding yourself that your time on this planet is limited – but meaningful. Spend at least an hour every day doing something new to challenge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively, etc., so that you know you can do anything you set your mind to! Laugh until you can’t breathe. Or laugh until you have to hold your stomach because it hurts so much from laughing so hard. Or laugh until people ask what’s wrong with your because they think you’re actually crying. And then laugh some more. Laugh until you can’t help. But feel that it’s worth the struggle to get out of bed every day because you know that laughter is always waiting for you on the other side. Stop looking at yourself so critically in the mirror. Be kind to yourself and the way your body looks, no matter what size clothing your wear or how your hair is styled.


  • Appreciate all of its functions and strengths. Even if there are areas where you’d like improvement (because let’s be real – who doesn’t?). Read books about living a fulfilling life and follow their guidance. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise just because they’re negative by nature or bad role models themselves. Get off social media (or deactivate it) for a while if you’re feeling down, because what other people are doing isn’t always going to make you feel good about yourself. Accept that the only person who needs to like your social media posts is you. If other people don’t like them, let them judge — it’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it just as much as you are entitled to post whatever makes YOU happy!


  • Create more art or writing projects – whatever calls to your soul. Try something new every day until one of these things feels natural enough for you so that your creativity can run wild! Allow yourself rest days when needed because no one can be motivated all the time. When given certain responsibilities at work or home, do what’s in YOUR best interest in order to maintain your sanity, because you only have so much energy in a day. Take that power back and use it when you need it most! Get rid of or donate things that aren’t meaningful to you anymore, but are taking up space in your life. Clean out your closet, your drawers, your junk drawer… whatever needs cleaning to make room for the new. Trust me – it’s liberating!


  • When you take time to do these things on a daily basis (or as often as possible). You’ll notice an increase in self-worth rather quickly. It may come slowly at first. But with practice comes mastery and before long enough will have passed where you realize significant change has occurred without doing much consciously, shares Peter Decaprio.

You’re worth loving. You deserve to be happy and you’re allow to prioritize your own needs for once! You don’t need permission to do what makes you feel fulfilled, because your life belongs to only you.


You can do it! Keep pushing yourself every day, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. The best way to travel is with your mind open and your heart full of love.