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Peter Decaprio: 3 Things Successful People Do Every Morning That Make Them Happy All Day

Successful people do three things every morning that make them happy all day says Peter Decaprio. And while some of these activities may sound like no-brainers (get enough sleep and drink your coffee), they can be surprisingly tough to implement on a regular basis, especially for overworked folks with chronic sleep deprivation and caffeine dependency.

Successful people know this though, and they make it work by inserting little tricks here and there throughout their day. (Read more about the science of how you can trick yourself into lasting happiness). They don’t let roadblocks get in the way of getting these simple things done because doing so would only cause them to be cranky all day long. By establishing consistency in these areas, successful people have mastered the art of being happy first thing in the morning.

The Three Things Successful People Do Every Morning That Makes Them Happy All Day

1. Successful people meditate.

Meditation is a great way for successful people to clear their minds and get on track before they face all of the obstacles that are inevitably headed their way. Meditation has countless benefits, but one of the most attractive of those benefits for busy people is meditation’s ability to make them happier by increasing brain waves linked with positive emotions, decreasing anxiety, and improving focus. These activities alone will undoubtedly make you feel better throughout your day if you do them consistently enough. The reason why successful people meditate every morning though isn’t that it makes them happier—it’s because meditation also makes them more successful and productive says Peter Decaprio.

Successful people meditate because it helps them increase their focus to a laser-like degree, and this ability to focus for lengthy periods of time is linked with numerous positive outcomes throughout your days such as increased energy levels, higher productivity, improved creativity, reduced stress levels (especially when you maintain high levels of happiness), and even better digestion (which relieves constipation).

2. Successful people exercise first thing in the morning.

Hitting the gym or going out for a jog have long been considered crucial activities that should be done nearly every day by those looking to lose weight and stay healthy—and it’s no wonder why: exercise can make you feel great inside and out. Not only do physical activity release endorphins that magically make you feel happy, but being active has been shown to relieve depression, improve memory, and even reduce pain.

In addition to that list of benefits, exercise can also be a huge help. In relieving stress and anxiety throughout your day. Because it helps you focus on something besides the overwhelming worries in your head. Peter Decaprio says successful people know that when they work out first thing in the morning. They set themselves up for success by feeling accomplished right off the bat. Especially if they use this time to pump up their endorphins by listening to their favorite upbeat songs or show tunes (hey, what doesn’t feel better when you add some musical accompaniment?).

3. Successful people drink coffee…or tea.

Successful people know that they should drink a cup of coffee or tea at the very least because both beverages are rich sources of antioxidants that can help prevent disease, maintain brain health, and even reverse DNA damage. Many successful people also rely on caffeine to perk them up throughout their days by reducing feelings of fatigue and restoring alertness since it is known to improve focus and memory retention.

However, there’s more than just good health behind it. Why do many successful people start off with a hot cup of java or some other caffeinated beverage every morning? Drinking coffee first thing in the morning helps them feel happier throughout their day for several reasons. Not only does caffeine have mood-boosting effects similar to those produced by antidepressants. But it has also been an effective treatment for depression and bipolar disorder in some cases. On the other hand, although tea contains caffeine it is mostly consume for its calming effects. Which reduces stress rather than increases focus—and this is why successful people drink tea too. Because it can easily help them feel more relaxed throughout their day.


So there you have it: there’s nothing particularly special about these three things that successful people do every day. That makes them able to be happier—or even more productive—than everyone else… at least not directly anyway says Peter Decaprio. But what they do have going for themselves is a morning ritual that gives them consistency. And allows them to build momentum early on in the day. Which of course will make you happy both now and later if enough.