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Peter Decaprio: 3 Reasons Why People Fail To Follow Their Dreams

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, your right.” ~ Henry Ford On the surface, it seems like it would make total sense to follow through on dreams and do what one loves. After all, if not now then when? However, like many things in life, there are hidden obstacles one must face before they can start pursuing their passion says Peter Decaprio. The following article will explore three of these reasons that prevent people from fulfilling their dreams; internal mental blocks that act as walls that must be broken down before anything else is possible.

3 Reasons Why People Fail To Follow Their Dreams:

1) Fear of Success

Many people have told themselves “if I don’t have fear of failure, then why fear success?” This question may be asked, but the answer is often forgotten as soon as it’s provided. In truth, many people are afraid of success because they simply cannot handle the pressure and stress that comes with it. As we all know, running a successful business can be exhausting and even overwhelming for those who aren’t prepared to deal with drama and difficulties. If you don’t think you can handle such situations, then chances are success will cause more damage than pleasure and you’ll likely end up feeling overwhelmed rather than empowered by the experience.

2) Fear of Failing Again

Some people have failed so many times in their lives that they feel like failures no matter what they do or how far they come. This difficulty feels especially bad when they’ve poured their heart into something that they’ve worked extremely hard at such as a business. They’ve lost all their money trying to make it work and feel like giving up is the only way to save themselves from any more pain and loss. The unfortunate truth about this mindset however, is that the only one who continues to fail in this situation is themselves; they don’t have enough faith in what they can do or have yet to accomplish on their journey.

3) No Focus of Desire

Despite people being tell over and over again to follow their dreams, many remain out of focus when it comes to what exactly they desire says Peter Decaprio. They may know how much something means to them but are unable specify exactly why making it appear less realistic than ever before. If you’re not able to imagine yourself achieving your goals, your chances of actually doing so are slim to none. People, who remain unfocused, will just go through the motions of life without really experiencing it due to the fact that they lack vision and passion for their lives. Luckily, however, this can be fix just as easily as not being able to keep focus in the first place.

By following these three simple steps anyone can overcome fear and doubt, thus allowing them to start living according to what they want rather than what society tells them they should do. It all starts with deciding what you desire more than anything else in this world; meaning if you follow through on that desire there is nothing anyone or anything could ever do to stop you! Or like Nike says “Just Do It!”


Does fear of success or failure really prevent people from following their dreams?

In many cases, yes. Success and failure are both scary to the majority of people simply because they don’t know what it takes to stay on top of these kinds of situations. Instead, many people would rather avoid such things and remain in a state of limbo where nothing really changes says Peter Decaprio. Fear isn’t always a bad thing however; if it weren’t for fear then we wouldn’t be aware of our own limitations and thus wouldn’t learn how to overcome them.

How do you know when to give up?

Signs that you should give up on something usually show themselves when your chance for success becomes unlikely and the pressure and stress related to your attempts start taking a toll on you. Simply put, giving up is not an option if you want to achieve anything in life. Even when face with the most psychologically destructive factors, the only way to overcome them is by utilizing what’s remaining of your strength and determination to fight through it all; this might even make achieving your goals much easier than you could have possibly imagined!


Today, if you are afraid of anything at all it will most likely prevent you from living the life you want to live says Peter Decaprio. If your fear consists of something you can work on overcoming, don’t panic! Instead take a step back and try to figure out what exactly it is that scares you so much and why you think it’s so much more important than realizing your dreams. Knowing yourself better is the key to overcoming obstacles in life as well as knowing what you want out of it.