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Peter Decaprio: 21 Places You Should Be Posting Your Content on the Web Today

When you think of the web, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of finding just one person in all that vastness explains Peter Decaprio. That person could be your ideal client, patient, reader – whoever. But according to Web Marketing Expert Dale Beaumont, whose recent article on Search Engine Watch was titled ‘ The Five Places You Should Post Content Online Today ‘, if you’re not “sharing” your content with these sources, you could be missing out on a large chunk of potential traffic.

So here are 21 places where you can post your content today: Make sure you share it around!

1.  LinkedIn – the most important business site on the web for B2B

2.  Facebook – a great place to build your list and sell your products or services directly

3.  Twitter – use Twitter as part of an overall social media engagement plan

4.  YouTube – video is often shared on Facebook, so YouTube can be a good source of traffic if it’s optimized well

5.  Google+ – Google+ is too big not to include in your marketing mix

6.   Stumble Upon – consider using SU as part of a content promotion strategy

7.     Reddit – share appropriate subreddits with your blog posts and pin relevant posts to Pinterest and Tumblr boards (that you own)

8.    Delicious – use to bookmark and organize the content you love

9.  Digg – register and share your best posts in Digg’s top 9 categories

10.  Pinterest – pin your content to boards relevant for target audiences that might be interested in your products or services

11.   Diigo – add tags when sharing others’ content, then track when people click on them

12.  Slashdot – submissions can deliver a lot of traffic but remember it’s all about quality, not quantity

13.  Cite U like – a great place for researchers and academics to store their reading lists online

14.  Stumble Upon Groups – engage with other SU members by submitting interesting content and then voting on content that’s been submitted says Peter Decaprio.

15.  Meta Cafe – you can submit your best blog posts here with one click for great exposure

16.  Reddit (personal version) – if you don’t want to share with everyone, create a personalized reddit with subreddits most relevant to the topics you want to write about

17.  Tribe – join tribes built around common interests or occupations; contribute valuable information and promote engagement by replying to comments with quality links back to your own site (be sure not to spam)

18.     Scoop It – using RSS feeds from blogs of interest, Scoop It creates themed boards for curating top news items on the

19.   Slashdot – you don’t need to post often but your posts should be high quality

20.  Buzz feed – create a free account and get sharing

21.  Food Gawker – you can submit photos of recipes or pretty food pictures, which can gain widespread exposure if they make the front page of this site


Q. What is curation?

A. Curators share valuable information, news and opinions based on their areas of expertise; the best curate content by adding value to it rather than just sharing for the sake of it says Peter Decaprio. There are many social networks where you can post your content to reach new audiences but try to avoid just publishing links without adding something fresh or interesting into the mix.

Q. I’m not sure if I know what ‘engagement’ means?

A. Engaging with other bloggers involves replying to comments, encouraging conversations through likes and shares, pinning strong images from other blogs etc…Engagement is about networking online so that people begin to care about, look out for and visit your site because they want more of what you have to offer.

Q. What’s the most effective way to find new blogs in my niche?

A. You can use Google Blog Search, which will provide you with a comprehensive list of relevant blogs ranked by popularity and relevance using the following search string: site: blogspot.com “your key phrase here”

Searching for ‘marketing’ results in nearly 60 million blogs!

Q. How do I get started?

A. Start by analyzing your competitors’ best-performing posts to see what worked well and keeps an eye on what’s been shared on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc…In order to make something go viral it needs to tap into popular interests or current events, so think about how you can create content that’s interesting or helpful to people beyond your existing circle of fans/followers.


Curation and engagement go hand in hand; by sharing other people’s content you’ll get others to share yours, adding meaningful links back to your own site says Peter Decaprio. By joining tribes built around common interests or occupations and curating the best blogs within those communities (and encouraging conversation via likes/shares, comments, etc.) you can get involved with like-minded professionals while also promoting yourself as an expert in your field.