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Peter DeCaprio: 18 Incredibly Useful Role of IoT in Transforming Conventional Business Models Tips for Small Businesses

There are several other benefits apart from these two but before we get into them let’s learn some basics about the Internet of Things says Peter DeCaprio.

Useful Role of IoT:

  • The Internet of Things is basically using in smart homes and intelligent buildings that allow devices and machines to communicate autonomously enabling us to control them from one single platform. You can use IoT for controlling and monitoring your business processes in a better way allowing you to make them faster and much more efficient. 
  • There’s a growing trend in the market that has got everyone excited about IoT devices- the wearable device trend. Yes, you have guessed it right! IoT has made its way to wearable technology and it’s going to stay. The wearable technology that can be in use to control devices are-
  • Wearable cameras – These are the cameras that could be clipping onto your shirt or jacket, offering you a hands-free experience. Also, Wearable cameras are mostly use for security purposes to prevent theft or other criminal activities.
  • Wearable heart rate monitors – These are the devices that can help you measure your heartbeat and activity. You can be able to track down your health stats in a better way and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wearable fitness trackers – You need not go to the gym now as IoT has something that can help you track your calorie intake and count the number of steps you take in a day all by yourself.
  • Wearable smartwatch – A Bluetooth-enabled wearable that makes it easier for you to connect with other devices without any hassle. It also allows you to control music tracks on your phone, read messages and even attend calls using voice commands.
  • IoT devices offer a great level of convenience to their users as they make use of wireless connectivity or mobile apps for controlling them after pairing or linking them with other devices. These devices allow you to control and monitor various things like lighting systems, heating and cooling system, doors locks, and many others from home itself. Some very basic IoT applications are mentioned below-
  • Smart locks – This is a lock that is connected to your phone, allowing you to open and close doors without any keys. You can simply download the software from the app store and install it on your phone. You just have to enter a personal code or own fingerprint for gaining access into your house or office room.
  • Lighting systems – Instead of using conventional switches or buttons, IoT-based lighting systems can be operated remotely through mobile apps which make them much more efficient than regular lights. These devices come with sensors that allow you to turn on/off lights while entering or leaving home depending upon the daylight available outside says Peter DeCaprio.
  • Wireless security cameras – These are very useful in homes where it’s necessary to keep an eye on kids, pets, or workers. You can use these cameras to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone.
  • IoT devices offer high-level efficiency by allowing you to monitor different things remotely using wireless sensors that could be placed at different locations. These devices can connect, collect and integrate various types of data which is then analyzed for taking future necessary steps. Some very basic IoT applications are mentioned below-
  • Automatic irrigation systems – With IoT, irrigation systems can now be operated automatically without having to hire a professional or technician for looking after them. All it needs is the installation of proper software/apps on the smartphone along with connecting smart sprinklers to your Wi-Fi connection.  With these systems, you can get access to all types of data associated with your systems. Such as soil content, weather data, and more.
  • Automatic pet-feeding systems – These include a dispenser that could be programmed through sensors and apps. For feeding pets at the right time and required quantity explains Peter DeCaprio. You just need to stock up dry or wet food in the dispenser. And let it do its work automatically while you enjoy your vacations.
  • Industrial Safety Systems – Industrial safety is one of the areas. Where IoT devices can prove to be highly beneficial by offering corrective measures on time before any damage takes place. Sensors placed at different locations can send real-time alerts on any hazard. Like gas leakages, elevated temperature levels, etc., which can help you take corrective actions immediately.
  • IoT devices offer high-level security to the users by proving real-time alerts. Whenever a threat is detected through various sensors install at the location. Some very basic IoT applications are mention below-
  • Motion detector alarms – These could be programme for sending alerts on your mobile phone. Whenever any motion or movement detects in a pre-defined area. For instance, your home while you’re away. This way you can get notified if there’s any unwanted entry into your house while you’re traveling.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors – Place these devices near gas stoves and other heating systems. That emit carbon monoxide fumes which can prove hazardous to health. You can receive instant alerts on your mobile phone. If there’s any raised level of this poisonous gas in the environment.
  • Peter DeCaprio says IoT devices can be in use for saving money. Also, by optimizing energy consumption for different appliances that are connect to them. Some very basic IoT applications are mention below-

Smart meters – This device can help you save money on electrical bills. By monitoring energy usage every hour at both your home and workplace premises. You just need to connect the smart meter with the power lines which, in turn. Connects with your local network where data gets collect and analyzed for finding ways to optimize power usage.


IoT devices can prove to be highly beneficial for various types of business models if they’re in the right manner. While there are a lot of advantages, you need to understand. That these devices need proper care and precautions, or else they may lead you to waste your money. Along with creating hassle when it comes to taking over technical defects caused. Due to improper installation/lack of knowledge about IoT systems.