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Peter DeCaprio- 14 Uses for Tips to protect yourself from Cyberattack

Tips are a leading company in the field of IT security and we provide cyber security services to all our customers around the world says Peter DeCaprio. Cyber security is becoming increasingly important as technology advances, and it has become crucial to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and financial fraud.

Tips always looks for new ways to better protect individuals and businesses from cyber attacks, through continued research into new technologies that will help them stay safe online. Today we are going to list 14 most common types of attacks that can harm your device or confidential data. Keep reading this article if you want to learn what you need to do in order keep your computer safe:

The following tips will help you improve your internet security system:

Use strong passwords –

Never use easy passwords like “password” or simple words that can be found in a dictionary.

Update your system regularly –

Keep your antivirus software up-to-date, use only official software sources and don’t download anything from torrents or suspicious websites.

Starting our list with the most common data breach caused by malware that is used to gain access to users’ devices, allowing hackers to steal sensitive information says Peter DeCaprio. Since 2012 this type of attacks has grown by 750%, reaching around 2 million cases per year! It mostly comes through email attachments and downloaded applications (games, etc.). This attack usually doesn’t require any special skills: the hacker only needs to write an algorithm able to automatically send emails and connect victims via social media platforms by using the information they’ve gathered.

How to protect yourself:  

 Use antivirus software that is updated daily, avoid clicking on suspicious links and don’t open email attachments or download anything from torrents or peer-to-peer file sharing websites.

Phishing is another widespread technique of cyber attacks. A phishing campaign usually begins with a simple email sent by hackers to thousands of users at the same time, who are asked to provide their login details for popular services like Google, Facebook or PayPal through a fake website controlled by them says Peter DeCaprio. Once victims enter their user name and password on the page. It’s sold on the underground market. And used to gain access to more accounts. Owned by different people related to those services (friends, relatives).

Every day, millions of phishing emails are sent, infecting computers all around the world. The main objective is to steal login information for bank accounts and other payment processing websites in order to carry out illegal money transfers. According to FBI’s report, cybercriminals managed to transfer $215 million in 26 countries between October 2013 and January 2014.

                 -Don’t click on any suspicious links you receive-

How to protect yourself:

When using social networks never click on any suspicious link that might appear in your news feed or email inbox. Furthermore, always double-check if you’re visiting the official website before entering your user name and password. If you think you’ve already been infect by malware like this one (it usually comes through email attachments), don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Android malware is among the most dangerous types of cyber threats worldwide. Hackers can easily create an app that works just like a calculator but hides a Trojan: once downloaded and installed, it gets admin rights on the phone and begins stealing personal information and money from users. Every day we receive dozens of notifications from our clients asking for help because they’ve received strange charges on their phone bills after having installed an Android application or game, usually sent through SMS or emails.

                 -Be extra careful when downloading apps-

                -Invest in cyber security-

How to protect yourself:

There’s no 100% safe way to download android apps so be very careful when installing new software. Only download apps from official App stores. Never enter your phone number if you receive a text message from an unknown number. And always check the app’s permissions before clicking on “install”. To see what it will be able to do once install on your device.

Malicious spam campaigns are becoming more and more sophisticated. Allowing hackers to intercept emails sent by companies. Straight out of their servers without being identify. This technique is usually in use when targeting large companies or public institutions. In order to access accounts of employees or even high-profile figures. Like politicians or businessmen in charge of managing important negotiations.

                 -Don’t open any email attachments you received-


Peter DeCaprio says Cybercriminals are everywhere. Whether you’re reading your favorite blog online, sharing pictures on social networks. Browsing the web for the best deal when shopping online. There’s always a threat lurking around the corner. Waiting to hack into your personal computer or smartphone.

How many times have you opened an email inbox only to discover. That there was a new message from a mysterious sender. Asking you to click on a link and enter some of your personal information? Be careful because it might be just another attempt from cyber criminals trying to steal data from unsuspecting victims. In this article, we’ll explain what phishing is. And how it works in order to help you avoid being hack while online surfing.