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Peter Decaprio- 10 things Great Leaders have in common

Great leaders are everywhere around us! Have you ever noticed them? Every time I do, they remind me of the qualities that set them apart from others. As a coach, I have worked with many managers and entrepreneurs who have their own leadership styles explains Peter Decaprio.

Let’s face it: being a leader is not an easy task!

Being able to lead effectively is even harder – there are so many challenges on the way to developing one’s leadership skills that it might become discouraging at some point. If this sounds familiar to you – don’t despair! You can always progress towards becoming an exemplary leader if you learn more about yourself and what you are capable of.

To help you on your way, ASAP has put together 10 things that great leaders have in common:

We hope these insights will inspire you to develop into the leader that people want to work with. Or if you are already a leader, maybe this list will help you further refine your leadership skills by looking at them from another perspective!

  • A deep understanding of one’s self and an ability to be authentic is crucial for strong leadership. Great leaders know their strengths and limitations stay true to themselves regardless of the situation they are in – no matter how challenging it might be – and communicate their view confidently because they trust their intuition.
  • Great Leaders listen carefully (and not only when it’s their turn to speak). They know that in order to stay in tune with the needs and expectations of their stakeholders they need to be aware of what’s happening around them and in people they interact with explains Peter Decaprio.
  • This is how great leaders remain open-minded about other people’s ideas, able to form a common understanding and create win-win situations.   
  • Great Leaders are good learners: they look for opportunities to learn from every person and situation (even when it’s not easy). By doing so, they build strong relationships with their peers, employees or clients – because they show interest, ask relevant questions and remember important information.
  • Empathy is essential for developing trustful relationships which are the foundation of strong leadership skills. Great Leaders are capable of seeing things through other people’s eyes, sensing their feelings and emotions to understand them better. They take the time to listen carefully, speak up for others when they can’t do it themselves and act with compassion.
  • Great Leaders tend to be good listeners (see point 3), however only if they manage to control their impulse of giving advice or correcting other people while they talk. Keeping one’s mouth shut is crucial for developing deeper connections that will lead to effective problem-solving in the long run!
  • Great leaders show strength by standing up for what they believe in without being aggressive or domineering – this is how they earn respect from their peers, employees or clients. This type of influence arises naturally when leaders rely on their convictions, speak up against things they don’t agree with without being negative and show that they have a backbone says Peter Decaprio.
  • This quality is especially important for leaders who are leading the change. Because it helps them to overcome internal resistance by getting people committed to the same vision.
  • Great Leaders know when to stop talking! They understand that some situations require action more than words. Which means embracing silence instead of filling it with unnecessary explanations or excuses. This often makes them very efficient problem-solvers!
  • When it comes to decision-making, Great Leaders trust their intuition rather than rationalizing every move they make. As a result of this type of thinking, these leaders tend to be good risk-takers. And quick to act on opportunities that come their way.
  • Great Leaders are authentic (see point 1). They behave in a way that is true to them. Transparent about what they stand for and act by promoting positivity says Peter Decaprio. This variety of behaviors helps them become great role models for their teams!


Being a leader is a huge responsibility and it requires a lot of different skills.

These 10 qualities are not listed in order of importance because they all matter equally! If you’d like to become a great leader remember that being yourself is the best place to start. Once you have your own authenticity mastered, the rest will come naturally.

Great Leadership requires more than just having some essential skills. As far as I am concerned, these 10 traits are what truly matters when developing strong leadership from within!    

A leader’s role is not to be liked by everyone but to lead in a way. That will make the people around them become better versions of them.