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Peter Decaprio- 10 Things every Great Leader should do

Every one of us wants to become a great leader, but there is no shortcut way to it. It needs hard work and patience which will really take time says Peter Decaprio.

But if you are also introspecting yourself that whether you can make a good leader or not, here we have listed some steps by which you can definitely become a great leader.

(1) Plan for Success:  

As a leader, you should always remain active and keep an eye on the things that are happening around you. You should know what your team is doing, how can they do better than this, etc. Planning for the success of your work is one of the most important things necessary to lead your team.

(2) Listen Carefully:  

You should always be attentive towards your team members and listen carefully to their proposals, views, etc. This will make you feel you are part of the organization and help them to share their problems with you which will definitely motivate them for work better.

(3) Take Responsibility:  

Your success or failure will be depending on your team members working with you. So always take responsibility for your work and lead them in the right direction.

(4) Keep Calm:

It is very important to remain calm when things go wrong because it proves that you are a real leader who can handle everything even when there is little or no hope.

(5) Delegate Responsibility:  

Don’t think you can handle everything even if it is important, it will give a negative impression to your team members and they might feel that their work is being neglected explains Peter Decaprio. So always try to delegate the responsibility for your work because this will help you to focus on other things as well instead of doing the same thing again and again.

(6) Motivate Your Team:

One of the best ways to motivate your team members is by praising them every once in a while which means recognizing their efforts for your organization’s success. This will also help them to be more motivated towards their work. And, most importantly, don’t forget to show gratitude towards them!

(7) Be a Good Leader:

As we all know, it is the most important quality of a good leader to be a responsible and dedicated one. So always be responsible for what you say and try to do your work in the best possible way. And also remember that in this world everyone works with his or her interest in mind and so will your team members says Peter Decaprio. Show them how valuable they are by motivating them towards success instead of breaking their morale when they fail!

(8) Participate:  

If you want to learn something then don’t just keep sitting there and observing, but participate in it as well because this knowledge might prove helpful in the future. The same applies when you have a team, if you would like to lead them successfully then you should participate in their work as well because this will help you to understand things better and also motivate them towards success.

(9) Be Understanding:  

Try to understand everyone’s point of view before making any decision, but don’t forget that sometimes decisions have to be made as per the situation, so always take into account all points of opinion for a final decision.

(10) Take Interest:  

You should always try to learn something new every day and keep yourself motivated throughout your life by keeping an eye on everything around you says Peter Decaprio. This is how we can give our 100% even if we are overworked and tired at times and thus can perform brilliantly! And remember that no one becomes successful without taking interest in his or her work, be it an ordinary person or a leader.


Leadership is about becoming a great guide and following some basic rules to lead those who believe in you. Always do your work with enthusiasm and remain humble as a leader. Lead by example and motivate towards success! Always keep an eye out for your members and make them feel like they are part of the team, that’s what good leaders do! And also don’t forget to take an interest in new things every day which will help you be inspired towards doing better.

So guys these were some tips on how to be a good leader and we hope that this will encourage you to become one because it is definitely not as difficult as it seems. You just need to follow certain rules but most importantly have motivation towards achieving your goals!