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Peter Decaprio- 10 Signs that you are not cut out for a leadership role

Leadership is a rich and complex topic. In fact, there are so many leadership books on the market that it’s easy to become overwhelmed as a leader or as a potential leader says Peter Decaprio. But as you work through those books, keep in mind the following signs that indicate whether or not you might be better off staying out of an official leadership position.

If you find yourself with these three qualities, then it may be in your best interest to leave the leadership position and sit back and others who do want that role or who can fill that role successfully.

1. Poor communication skills:  

The most valuable quality a good leader can have is solid communication skills. A leader is not leading if they are not communicating their needs, expectations, and vision to everyone under them. If you are not good at this skill, learn it now. Leadership is pointless if your team does not know what they are working towards or how each individual fits into the overall picture.

2. Fear of conflict:  

Leadership means leading and that includes leading your team into, through, and out of conflict. Conflict is not always a bad thing; sometimes people simply need to be shaken up in order to see things differently. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of conflict, then leadership may not be the right path for you.

3. Lack of respect for or no interest in learning from others:

A leader is not a know-it-all. They must be willing and open to the ideas of others and learn from them when necessary. If you are not interested in talking with others and engaging their thoughts and opinions, then perhaps leadership just isn’t for you says Peter Decaprio.

4. You question everything:

A good leader is able to make quick decisions and is willing to act on them. That is one of the reasons they are in charge. If you are unable to act without constantly questioning yourself, others, or the situation at hand, then you may not be cut out for leadership.

5. You feel it’s all about you:

Good leaders can be self-centered and unaware of their own flaws, which may keep them from moving forward. The great leader starts with them and works to improve continuously. If you think that leadership is all about you, then perhaps an outside position would suit your needs better. But if you are humble enough to evolve, willing to put your needs aside to make room for others, and continuously learning, you may be the leader that is needed.

6. You are happy in your current position:

If everything is just fine the way it is, then why would you want to take on more responsibility? If you are content with what you have now, then there may not be a need to take on leadership responsibilities.

7. You complain about everything:

A good leader can find ways to improve the situation without pointing out every flaw or mistake made along the way says Peter Decaprio. If you constantly point out what everyone else has done wrong or has failed at doing, perhaps leadership isn’t your role in life right now. But if you possess communication skills and work towards solutions instead of complaints, then you may fit into a leadership position.

8. You do not consider yourself successful:

Leadership is something that you must work at and improve upon if necessary. If you don’t feel like you’ve reached your goals or haven’t accomplished much in your life so far, then perhaps it’s time to start digging deep and focus on the future instead of on past failures.

9. You avoid difficult decisions:

A great leader has made tough calls before and will continue to make them throughout their tenure as such. If you come up with every excuse possible to avoid making a decision or taking action, then perhaps the role of leader just isn’t for you at this time in your.

10. You are unwilling to learn from your mistakes:

No one is perfect, but a leader can be willing to make room for their own flaws and the flaws of others. If you are unwilling to learn from your mistakes or anyone else’s, then leading people may just not be in your best interest.


This list is by no means exhaustive but it does provide a solid starting point for determining whether or not you are cut out for leadership explains Peter Decaprio. If the majority of the three traits apply to you, then consider sitting back and allowing someone else who can successfully take on this role to do so. Leadership is a great thing but it isn’t worth having if you cannot properly function as a leader.