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7 Ways to Stop Feeling Anxious About the Future Right Now: Peter Decaprio

7 Ways to Stop Feeling Anxious About the Future Right Now: Peter Decaprio

Peter Decaprio says you don’t have to spend the rest of your life feeling anxious about a future that may or may not come.

Peter Decaprio: Here are seven ways you can start living for today, right now.

That’s an excellent article and I agree with each thing you listed. Peter Decaprio says the future is always uncertain but we make it certain by our thoughts and words and how we prepare (or don’t prepare). I like this, too:

I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life. I recently discovered what’s worked for me by accident when I was in the process of learning to be more optimistic. First, if you’re experiencing anxiety about something specific (like a health issue), it helps to get educated. Second, turn your attention to other things that are giving you pleasure or that need doing right now. Third, find kindred spirits who share your struggle and brainstorm ideas on how they manage their stressors. Fourth, develop an action plan for when you feel overwhelmed. Fifth, take care of yourself well by drinking enough water during the day and getting 7+ hours sleep at night. Sixth, remember that other people don’t live in your head or under your skin.

Last, but not least, here’s a seven-minute breathing exercise to reduce stress and anxiety:

Breathe in through the nose for 2 seconds Hold the breath for 7 seconds Breathe out through the mouth for 7 seconds Repeat 4 more times Do this 3-4 times a day every day.

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Do you feel anxious about the future?

“I’m not sure if my anxiety is normal, but I definitely think it is affecting me in a big way.” You’re right; we all experience anxiety from time to time, and some people suffer with chronic anxiety.  The good news is that no matter how worried we are, we can always take action to reduce our stress and reclaim control over our lives. Plus, research shows that those who worry less tend to live healthier and longer than those who worry more often.  

So, here are seven ways to help you feel calmer today:

1. Get the facts

If you’re worried about something specific (like your health), take some time to learn more about it.  Not only will this reduce your anxiety, but it will also protect you from unnecessary stress in the future.  You can find reliable sources of information here, or do a search for other sites on social media.

2. Live in the moment

It’s easy to become so obsessed with our fears that we fail to enjoy what’s happening right now.  Instead of dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about future catastrophes, try focusing your attention on things that are real and within your immediate surroundings.

3. Find humor

You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian or the life of the party to benefit from humor.  Just curling your lips into a smile can reduce stress and give you a natural high that we sometimes mistakenly call “happiness.” So, find ways every day to laugh and enjoy yourself.

4. Be grateful

Gratitude reduces anxiety and depression by reminding us of all we have to feel blessed for right now.  It also helps us see the bigger picture; after all, problems aren’t as big when viewed against our entire lives rather than over just one week or month.  

5. Practice affirmations

Peter Decaprio shares affirmations are positive statements that you make out loud or write on index cards for later review.  They help you realize that regardless of your current circumstances, you’re capable and worthy of overcoming obstacles and meeting every challenge with success.

6. Get support

Social support can help reduce anxiety because it allows us to bond with others who care about us and share similar experiences. That said; make sure the people you seek don’t make you feel worse (by belittling or dismissing your feelings, for example).  Or, if you prefer to stay alone most of the time, remember to ask yourself what kinds of things trigger stress and how you might avoid them in the future.

7. Be active

There’s no need to become a professional athlete (although that certainly would reduce stress).  Instead, find ways every day to get your body moving.  Not only will exercise release feel-good chemicals in your brain, but it will also help you better deal with life’s demands and set realistic goals for yourself.


These seven simple actions can make a huge difference in how you feel today and going forward.  Start by picking one or two of them to begin with, and then challenge yourself to incorporate more over time as they become habits that you look forward to doing on a daily basis, concludes Peter Decaprio.