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February 2022

Peter Decaprio: Seven Things You Need to Know about Social Media Today

Highlights from Social Media Today’s second-annual Event in New York City. 1. Twitter has more than 1 billion tweets a day; Facebook has 1 million new pages added each hour; Pinterest has over 30 million users; YouTube reaches more adults under 34 than any cable network worldwide explains Peter Decaprio. (Marketing Land) 2. Every 2 seconds someone will purchase something with the aid of Bing or Google search engine results; 3 years ago that number was every 7 minutes; 90% of social media leads are invalid because they are too old or incomplete. (Marketing Land) 3. 70% of all marketers using social media said Twitter is part of their strategy; 48% use Facebook for the same purpose; 25% said Pinterest was a critical social platform for their business; 73% said LinkedIn is important to their business; 43% did not think that Google+ mattered to them or their business. (Edelman Digital) 4. 33% of marketers say they’re better off than last year when it comes to integrating online and offline marketing efforts, while 32% said they’re… Read More »Peter Decaprio: Seven Things You Need to Know about Social Media Today

Peter Decaprio: How to Keep Your Facebook Business Page Free of Spam and Nonsense

You probably already know the story. Someone requests to become your friend on Facebook, you accept, and then they never talk to you again explains Peter Decaprio. Or worse—they post spammy links on your wall every chance they get. You decide enough’s enough and find ways to block them or remove them from your friends list altogether. This is an annoyance that most of us have suffered at some point, but it doesn’t have been all doom and gloom. The solution may lie in a little-known tool called “audiences” that gives you more power over who sees what posts on your page even after someone has been added as a Facebook friend. What are audiences? Audiences are basically ways to target specific people with different types of content depending on their relationship with you or your business. Let’s say I create a Facebook ad promoting my fan page, and I want it to appear in people’s News Feeds when they’re connected to me as friends. An audience would let me do that, so the ad… Read More »Peter Decaprio: How to Keep Your Facebook Business Page Free of Spam and Nonsense

Peter Decaprio- Building Your Personal Brand through LinkedIn

We live in a world where social media has taken center stage. Facebook boasts over 1 billion registered users and is worth more than $55 billion (USD). Twitter enjoys 500 million tweets per day and is valued at $8 billion. LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, is also growing – faster than any other social network – with 83% growth year over year; they now claim more than 175 million members worldwide and are valued at $16 billion. LinkedIn reports that as of October 2013, its mobile application had been downloaded 37 million times. Having an updated profile on this site can help to build your personal brand within your professional life explains Peter Decaprio. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile recently or if you need to make some changes, here are a few tips which can help you get started: Professional Profile: Your professional profile is like your resume and it should be updated regularly. Customize your headline and summary and add skills and keywords that highlight your areas of expertise.  If you’re lacking… Read More »Peter Decaprio- Building Your Personal Brand through LinkedIn